We perform precise turning of engine blocks, units and other parts. In diameter from 70 to 400 mm.

Block turning

Block turning is a very delicate process that requires not only knowledge and experience, but also appropriate high-tech equipment. By carrying out such a procedure with non-compliant equipment or entrusting it to amateurs, you run the risk of poor quality work, which will later adversely affect the operation of the engine and its resources.


Block main bearing seats repair.

Often, when repairing an engine block, it may be necessary to restore the block’s main bearings location and surface it adheres to.

This can be caused by engine overheating, low oil operation, crankshaft wear and curvature. All these factors are interrelated.

Due to the insufficient oil level, the engine did not cool properly, because in addition to lubricating the parts, the oil acts as a coolant. As a result, the rod beaings overheat, the seat seats of the block’s main bearings also overheat, the covers deform, as a result of which the crankshaft can get stuck in the inserts. In this case, the seat of the block main bearings needs to be repaired.


Not only the engine block but also the engine head and other components will be deformed as a result of the engine overheating.

Possible solutions: cylinder block repair, engine head repair, etc.