Engine head repair

We perform defect removal and repairs of light, cargo, industrial and cogeneration stations MAN, MWM-DUTZ, TEDOM and others engine cylinder heads.

Offered services:

  • dismantling (after coordination)
  • leak test and complete defect removal
  • replacement of the valve guide, providing clearances for the valve
  • valve seat-valve profile restoration, grinding
  • valve seat replacement (made of our material)
  • plane grinding / milling
  • engine PUMPE DUSE nozzle seat repair (AUDI, VW, ŠKODA, MITSUBISHI, SEAT)
  • assembly, including valve clearance adjustment, etc. (after agreement)
  • non-standard works
  • If necessary, we offer spare parts for the work to be performed.

Dzinēja galvu remonts

The work is performed by highly qualified personnel, trained and certified by the company “SERDI”. When performing work, we use professional equipment and tools from the company “SERDI”.