• Have the engine units and other components cleaned before asking for them to be repaired.
  • Centering pins, bushings and oil nozzles must be removed. We perform these operations only by agreement and for an additional fee.
Engine block repair pricing Price excluding VAT 21%, EUR Notes
washing before repair 20,00-150,00 only by agreement
defect 10,00-80,00 depending on the operations performed
Cylinder turning
turning up to 100 mm 10,00-25,00 depending on the diameter, installation complexity, depth and number of cylinders to be processed, the amount of material to be removed.
commercial transport 18,00-80,00
V-shaped blocks
turning 15,00-35,00
commercial transport 40,00-150,00
turning 20,-00-50,00
sports and Darton shells through prior agreement
Cutting the shell stop in the block
cutting 35,00-110,00
Cylinder honing
cars 10,00-35,00
V-shaped blocks 15,00-40,00
commercial transport 25,00-80,00
moto 20,00-50,00
Plane milling / grinding
cars 20,00-60,00 depending on the material, installation complexity, length, width, weight, number of cylinders and amount of material to be removed.
vieglie V veida bloki 35,00-75,00
komerctransports 80,00-250,00

Additional information:

  • All non-standard works and tuning (only through prior agreement).
  • The terms of order fulfillment are agreed with the customer by accepting the part for repair.
  • Urgency bonus 50-100% (depending on workload, work intensity and other factors).
  • For storage of orders more than 3 days after the completion of the work, 1% (of the order amount) must be paid for each working day.
  • Price of one working hour – 30 EUR (+ VAT 21%).
  • We have developed a system of discounts for regular customers depending on the amount, volume and number of orders.
  • It is desirable to agree in advance on the time of acceptance-issuance of the order by phone.
  • It is possible to deliver units (to us and back) with our transport (by prior arrangement).