The main goal of the company Quali-micron was to organize a complete repair of all the main engine components in one area.

We offer all engine block repair operations, including initial diagnostics, aligned surface grinding, high-precision turning, honing, as well as plato-honing and other operations.

We perform a full repair cycle of all types of bus and car air compressors: WABCO, KNORR, MB, VOLVO, SCANIA, etc.

We perform complete engine head repairs, including testing for leaks and complete defect check-up, valve guide replacement, valve seat profile restoration, valve seat and valve grinding, valve seat replacement, plane grinding, assembly of parts, etc. We perform engine PUMPE DUSE nozzle seat repairs (AUDI, VW, ŠKODA, MITSUBISHI, SEAT).

In cooperation with partners we perform:

  • cogeneration plants MAN, MWM-DUTZ, TEDOM-LIAZ, etc. cilinder block repair
  • high-precision grinding and balancing of crankshafts, flywheels and other parts
  • surface restoration of blocks and crankshafts
  • repair of oil pumps and balancers VAC GROUP (AUDI, VW, ŠKODA, SEAT)
  • piston production (cast and forged)
  • tuning of engine parts and components