Crankshaft grinding

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In cooperation with partners, we offer precise grinding of all types of crankshaft (length up to 2 meters), alignment, balancing, inspection for cracks with a magnetoscope.

Сkrankshaft grinding

Crankshaft – is one of the main engine parts, which is subjected to very high loads during operation. The crankshaft is a very expensive part. Its repair (straightening, grinding, polishing, balancing) is much cheaper than buying a new part.

Crankshaft grinding is a delicate process that requires not only specialized equipment, but also highly qualified personnel with extensive work experience.

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The main causes of crankshaft damage:

  1. use of poor quality oil;
  2. insufficient oil level;
  3. engine operation without timely oil and filter change;
  4. operation of the unheated engine at maximum speed and load.

If the crankshaft is ground correctly, it will save money and increase engine life after repairs.

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